Get Ready for the Summer DUI Season in Arizona

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With Memorial Day here, 4th of July approaching and vacations or graduation parties being planned, you can be sure that police in the greater Phoenix area and throughout the East Valley will be focusing their attention on drivers who may have consumed alcohol, marijuana or other drugs before getting into their cars to drive.  Undoubtedly, impaired drivers pose a threat to the safety of motorists on our roads, however, being arrested for a DUI can have long lasting a significant consequences. Fines for a DUI conviction can be thousands of dollars. Additionally, people convicted of DUI are often sentenced to extended time in jail, probation, alcohol classes, etc.  Finally, a DUI charge can result in the suspension or revocation of your drivers license and cause a loss of employment or future job opp

What You Should Do if Stopped and Suspected of DUI:

 -- Be Polite - There is no sense in arguing with the investigating officer.  In fact, you can rest assured the alcohol influence report written by the officer will note that you were belligerent, antagonistic or stuporous if you attempted to argue with or talk your way out of a DUI.  Things go much better at trial if we can elicit sympathy for you in front of a jury by having the arresting officer testify that you were polite, respectful and cooperative.  Simply provide your license, registration and insurance without creating additional problems for yourself

 -- Don't Participate in Roadside Tests - If you are suspected of drunk driving in Arizona, the investigating officer will ask to test your eyes, have you walk heel to toe on a straight line, stand on one leg or perform other physical tests.  These are commonly referred to as field sobriety tests.  You should be aware, the tests are completely voluntary.  Moreover, they are very subjective and you can make mistakes due to nerves, physical limitations, not being familiar with the directions or alcohol consumption.  Of course, the police and prosecutors will point to your mistakes as evidence that you were impaired by alcohol or drugs.  There is no reason to provide evidence which will be used against you later on.  You should politely refuse to participate in any physical tests.

 -- Request to Speak with a Lawyer - The law provides that anyone suspected of DUI has the right to privately consult with an attorney before participating in a blood, breath or urine test.  An attorney can provide invaluable advice about obtaining an independent test, gathering exculpatory evidence, etc.  You should request to contact a lawyer immediately upon being stopped or arrested for DUI.  Additionally, you should also arrange to obtain an independent blood test assoon as you are released from police custody.

 -- Remain Silent - You will be asked a number of questions about your alcohol consumption, how you felt while driving, the date, time, day of week, etc.  These questions are all aimed at getting information from you which will later be used to prosecute you for DUI.  After providing your license, registration and insurance, simply tell the officer you would like to exercise your right to remain silent. 

 -- Blood, Breath or Urine Tests - Unless you are being investigated for a second DUI offense, felony aggravated DUI, Aggravated Assault or DUI involving a serious injury or death, it is usually in your best interests to participate in the chemical testing requested by the officer.  If you refuse, police will likely apply for and obtain a court order to draw your blood anyway. This court order is known as a "Search warrant."  Additionally, you will be subjected to one year revocation of your driving privileges if the officer notifies MVD of your refusal to take a test.  Of course, you should still ask to consult with a lawyer prior to taking any breath, blood or urine tests in Arizona following a DUI arrest

Certainly, this serves as a general guide to follow if you are suspected of DUI in Arizona.  Of course, every case is different and you should consult with a lawyer as soon as possible to ensure your rights are fully protected.  Certainly, drunk driving cases are very complex and require representation from an attorney who regularly practices DUI defense in Arizona.  I have represented thousands of people during the last fifteen years who have been arrested and charged with driving under the influence.  

If you or someone you know has been charged with DUI in Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert or Tempe, Arizona, call (480) 833-8613 for a free consultation.

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Raymond Kimble

About Raymond Kimble Attorney Raymond Kimble has built his law practice on the philosophy that each client deserves consistent individual attention. Ray realizes that being charged with a DUI or criminal offense is one of the most stressful events in a person's life. A DUI, felony or misdemeanor arrest can involve prison or jail time, probation, huge fines and a criminal record. Consequently, people who face DUI, felony or misdemeanor charges in Arizona are placed at risk of losing employment or being barred from future job opportunities. Ray works to lessen his client's anxiety by ensuring that they have direct access to him at all times and can reach him by e-mail, cell phone or text during normal business hours as well as nights or weekends if they have a pressing question or concern. Raymond Kimble is a dedicated DUI and criminal defense lawyer who has built a reputation of working tirelessly to protect his client's constitutional rights, their future and liberty. Ray strives to provide the strongest defense possible for each client despite the obstacles they may face. Put Experience to Work for You Raymond Kimble's twenty years of experience with respect to DUI, misdemeanor and felony criminal charges extends well beyond law school where he graduated within the top ten percent of his class. Ray was a police officer for ten years prior to becoming an attorney. As a police officer, Ray was trained in both DUI and criminal investigation and his personal involvement in criminal cases while a police officer certainly gives him a unique perspective when reviewing police reports, interviewing witnesses and challenging physical evidence. Ray often identifies legal issues or mistakes made by police during an investigation through his own personal experience as a patrol officer. In addition to his police experience, Raymond Kimble worked as a prosecutor with the Maricopa County Attorney's Office where he was responsible for prosecuting DUI, felony and misdemeanor crimes. During his tenure as a prosecutor, Ray conducted a number of jury trials and hearings related to the admissibility of evidence. Through his involvement with these cases as a prosecutor, Ray learned how to properly evaluate the strength and weaknesses of a DUI, misdemeanor or felony charge and became skilled in jury selection, argument, and the direct and cross examination of both civilian witnesses, experts and police officers. Of course, Raymond Kimble's expertise extends beyond his experience as a police officer and prosecutor. Specifically, Ray has successfully represented thousands of people during the last fifteen years throughout Maricopa County, Arizona. To best serve his Clients, Raymond remains current on changes in the law as well as police tactics by regularly attending seminars focused on defending criminal charges and reading the latest articles and books related to DUI and criminal defense. Ray also regularly writes criminal defense blogs and posts so that people faced with a criminal charge are better informed about their rights.


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