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The State of Arizona has classified Forgery to be a serious felony offense.  In most cases, people charged with Forgery face a class 4 felony conviction.  Consequently, a forgery conviction for a person who has never been in trouble before, carries a potential penalty of 3.75 years in prison.  Of course, the punishment will increase for individuals who have previously been convicted of a felony, who are on probation or who have been identified as "repeat offenders."  Anyone charged with Forgery, Fraud or a related offense in Phoenix should obtain representation from a qualified criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Types of Forgery Offenses:

Most people think of forgery as signing another persons check or a legal document without permission. In Arizona, Forgery is specifically defined under A.R.S. 13-2002 as:

  1.  Falsely making, completing or altering a written instrument
  2. Knowingly possessing a forged instrument such as a check, drivers license, etc.
  3. Offering or presenting a forged instrument

Of course, the prosecutor must also prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there was an intent to defraud another person.

Other Types of Forgery Related Offenses in Arizona Include:

1. Criminal Possession of a Forgery Device - Is a class 6 felony which carries a presumptive term of one year in prison and involves making, possessing or utilizing any device or equipment to forge a written instrument or help another person commit a forgery.

2. Criminal Simulation - Is a class 6 felony in which a person is alleged to have altered an object so that it appears to have a greater value than it is actually worth.

3. Obtaining a Signature by Deception - Is a class 1 misdemeanor, punishable by up to six months jail, where an individual obtains the signature of another person on a document after misrepresenting or omitting any material fact.

4. Criminal Impersonation - Is a Class 6 felony which occurs when someone assumes a false identity or pretends to represent another person or organization with an intent to deceive.

5. Identity Theft - Is a class 4 felony, punishable by a maximum of 3.75 years in prison, which involves taking or using another person's identifying information without their consent. 

Forgery in Arizona is one of the most serious criminal offenses a person can commit and will not be tolerated in any way by state prosecutors.  Identity theft, check fraud and other similar offenses have been aggressively investigated by police and prosecutors. Police use all their resources to locate alleged victims and bring suspects to justice. Consequently, people charged with Forgery, Identity Theft or Possessing Forgery devices in Maricopa County, Arizona  will undoubtedly face lengthy jail or prison terms and significant periods of probation. Huge fines and restitution are also a possibility.

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