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As a Phoenix, Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney, Raymond Kimble has defended hundreds of individuals who have been arrested and charged with assault.  Generally, assault is the act of causing injury to another person or placing them in fear of being injured.  An assault conviction can result in severe penalties including probation, fines, jail or prison terms. 

Depending upon the circumstances surrounding an incident, assault can be charged as a felony, commonly referred to as Aggravated Assault or misdemeanor offense, known as Simple Assault.  In the State of Arizona, assaults are usually prosecuted as misdemeanors when only minor injuries are suffered by the victim. Alternatively, assaults are prosecuted as felonies in Arizona when more serious injuries occur such as a bone fracture, or in cases where the alleged victims are police officers, teachers, firefighters or medical care workers.  If a weapon such as a gun, knife or other dangerous instrument is used during the commission of an assault, the charged will be characterized as a "Dangerous Offense" and the penalties can involve mandatory prison terms.

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Through his experience as a police officer, felony prosecutor and twenty years of criminal defense, Raymond A. Kimble has a unique perspective which allows him to achieve favorable results for all clients he represents who are facing charges of assault or aggravated assault.  Mr. Kimble knows what weaknesses to look for in a prosecutor's case and what defenses to an assault charge will help his clients obtain the best result possible.  Mr. Kimble will effectively approach your assault case to maximize the chances of having the charges reduced, the entire case dismissed or having you acquitted at trial.     A number of defenses are available in assault cases and they will be fully explored and examined. 

Raymond Kimble is a seasoned Phoenix criminal defense attorney who regularly represents people charged with assault, aggravated assault and other violent offenses such as endangerment, kidnapping or and homicide.   

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Raymond Kimble will work hard for you and give your case the attention it deserves so your rights and future are fully protected.  Mr. Kimble has successfully represented many people charged with assault through out Arizona and will provide you with an experienced and aggressive defense. 

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