DUI/Criminal Defense Client

“My wife and I will never forget the day we walked into Raymond Kimble’s office. It was the first sense of peace we had felt since the red lights flashed…. He was honest and straight forward, but most of all he has a heart. As the case went forward he met us at the courthouse each time, treating us with the utmost of dignity. I had never been in trouble with the law in my entire life and this had nearly ruined me. It was Kimble that lifted the weight of justice off my shoulders… If not for him I might have lost 4 months of time with my family. Kimble worked diligently with the prosecutor to negotiate a plea deal that involved 1 day in jail… If you should ever find yourself facing lady justice, don’t go in unarmed… bring Kimble. He had my back when I was hopeless and ready to take the fall.”
– L.R.