Failure to Register as a Sex Offender


Arizona law requires that any person convicted of a felony sexual offense must register as a sex offender. Failing to register as a sex offender will result in a new criminal charge. A person convicted of failing to register as a sex offender may face penalties including jail, prison for anywhere between 1.5 and 16 years or probation for the remainder of their lives. 

Arizona Registration Requirements:

Arizona maintains very strict sex offender registration requirements. These include:

  • Within seventy-two hours, excluding weekends and legal holidays, after moving from the person's residence within a county or after changing the person's name, a person who is required to register under this article shall inform the sheriff in person and in writing of the person's new residence, address or new name.
  • If the person moves to a location that is not a residence and the person receives mail anywhere, including a post office box, the person shall notify the sheriff of the person's address. If the person has more than one residence or does not have an address or a permanent place of residence, the person shall register as a transient not less than every ninety days with the sheriff in whose jurisdiction the transient is physically present.
  • Within seventy-two hours after a person moves from a county in which the person is registered, the person shall notify in writing the sheriff of the county from which the person moves.
  • A person required to register must update their driver's license annually.

Defending Failure to Register Charges in Arizona:

Dealing with sex offender registration is a serious matter. Once you are a registered sex offender, your name and address can be accessed by anyone seeking to check websites that are devoted to exposing registered sex offenders. This can create a terrible situation for anyone on the list including public humiliation from those in the neighborhood. However, if you fail to register, you will be facing a the possibility of further jail or prison time.

If you have been arrested and charged with a failure to register, Attorney Raymond Kimble will immediately initiate actions to defend you and assist you in fighting to avoid further time spent in jail or prison. Attorney Raymond Kimble has successfully represented hundreds of individuals throughout Arizona over the last twenty years who have been charged with Failure To Register as a Sex Offender

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