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Contact Attorney Raymond Kimble in Tempe, Arizona

If you have been arrested for a DUI, misdemeanor or felony crime in the Phoenix area or the state of Arizona, you need to contact an experienced lawyer to discuss your case and get the representation and legal service that you deserve.

At the Law Office of Raymond Kimble, founded in 1999, we have helped hundreds of clients find successful resolutions in their criminal cases.

Contact our firm to learn more information. We offer free initial consultations and payment plans to make it easier to get high quality criminal defense. Either fill out the form below with some basic information about you and your case or call us at 480-833-8613.

Law Office of Raymond Kimble
2233 West Baseline Road, Suite C101
Tempe, AZ 85283

Phone Number: 480-833-8613
Fax: 480-453-3030
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Law Office of Raymond Kimble


For a Free Consultation please call (480) 833-8613 or complete the form in the sidebar. Mr. Kimble can be reached 24/7 and is available for appointments during the evening and on weekends as well.

About Raymond Kimble

Raymond A. Kimble is a former police officer and felony prosecutor who has twenty years experience defending people accused of DUI and other criminal offenses throughout Arizona. Mr. Kimble represents clients seeking experienced and aggressive representation to help them fight the charges they face. For more information, contact The Law Office of Raymond A. Kimble today.