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Despite the value of, or type of property damaged, being arrested and prosecuted for Arson places you at risk of significant penalties including a permanent felony conviction, probation, jail, prison and restitution.  Consequently, an experienced criminal defense lawyer can be of invaluable assistance in securing the most favorable result possible.  Attorney, Ray Kimble has been practicing criminal law for over twenty years and works tirelessly for his clients.  Mr. Kimble's experience allows him to thoroughly investigate his clients' cases, recognize important legal issues and either negotiate a favorable outcome or aggressively represent his clients at trial.  

Arson Defined:

The crime of Arson is broadly defined by the State of  Arizona and encompasses any situation in which a person unlawfully damages property of another by fire or explosion.  Arson crimes fall into several different categories involving varying penalties depending upon the type of property damaged, the amount of damages caused and a person's intent.

Categories of Arson in Arizona:

There are several different types of Arson offenses which may place a person at risk of conviction, jail or prison.  These include:

1. Reckless Burning - occurs when a person recklessly causes a fire or explosion that causes damage to wildlands, property or an occupied structure.  To be prosecuted for reckless burning, a person must be shown to have consciously disregarded a substantial and unjustifiable risk.

2. Arson of a Structure or Property - involves an incident where someone knowingly damages a structure or property by knowingly causing a fire or explosion. Arson of a structure is a class 4 felony.  The offense level for Arson of property ranges from a class 1 misdemeanor to a class 4 felony depending upon the value of property which is damaged.

3. Arson of an Occupied Structure - is a class 2 felony and may be prosecuted when an individual knowingly damages an occupied structure by intentionally causing a fire or explosion.

4. Arson of a Jail or Prison Facility - is charged when a person damages a prison or jail by knowingly causing a fire or explosion.

5. Wildland Burning - It is unlawful for any person, without lawful authority, to intentionally, knowingly, recklessly or with criminal negligence to set or cause to be set on fire any wildland other than the person's own or to permit a fire that was set or caused to be set by the person to pass from the person's own grounds to the grounds of another person.

6. Cross or Symbol Burning - Is unlawful when burned on a person's property without their permission or in a public place with the intent to intimidate someone or a group of people.  

Penalties for Arson Crimes:

Arson is treated very seriously by police and prosecuted very aggressively in court.  Consequently, people arrested and charged with Arson find themselves at risk of a permanent criminal conviction and face probation, jail, prison, huge fines and potential significant restitution for property that is damaged. Arson crimes can range from class 1 misdemeanors which may involve up to six months in jail to a class 2 felony for which a person can serve over twelve years in prison.  

Defending You Against Arson Charges:

Although you are facing prosecution for a serious offense, there are a number of defenses which can be asserted to obtain the most favorable result possible.  These include:

  • Challenging eyewitness identifications of you at the crime scene
  • Disputing physical evidence secured by investigators
  • Arguing that you lacked any intent to start a fire or cause an explosion which damaged property
  • Investigating violations of your constitutional rights such as Miranda violations or illegal searches by police.


Talk to an Experienced Phoenix Criminal Attorney Today:

If you have been charged with Arson it is vital that you immediately contact a highly skilled criminal defense lawyer. It is important to preserve and examine vital evidence, video and audio tapes, etc immediately.   Raymond Kimble has been defending people charged with Arson  for many years, and has the level of experience and skill it takes to effectively handle these types of complex cases. Mr. Kimble knows how to prepare a solid defense, challenge the prosecution's evidence, negotiate a favorable resolution and effectively represent you at trial. Raymond Kimble represents people charged with Arson and any other criminal cases in Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe and all other jurisdictions throughout Maricopa and Pinal Counties.