Property Crimes

Arizona Property Crimes Lawyer

Depending on the specifics of your offense, conviction for a property crime in Arizona could result in significant penalties. When faced with a property crimes charge, you need to retain experienced and skillful legal assistance that can help you fight the charges that you face and pursue the results you deserve for your future. Raymond Kimble has years of experience in defending the criminally accused, and you will receive excellent representation when you choose this firm for your case.

Types of Arizona Property Crimes:

There are a number of different property crimes a person could be arrested and prosecuted for in Arizona. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Criminal Damage – An individual can be charged with this offense if they recklessly:
      1. Deface or damage another person's property,
      2. Tamper with another person's property so the function or value is substantially impaired;
      3. Tamper with or damage the property of a public utility, such as water, gas or electricity; or
      4. Draw or write any message, slogan, sign or symbol on any public or private building without the permission of the owner. 
  • Arson – An individual can be charged with arson by causing damage to any structure through the use of fire or explosive devices.
  • Criminal Trespass - An individual can be charged with this offense if they knowingly enter or remain unlawfully at any location.
  • Burglary - An individual can be charged with this offense if they enter or remain unlawfully in or on any structure with the intent to commit any theft or any felony therein. Types of structures may include homes, businesses, vehicles or storage units.

Defending Against Property Crimes Charges:

Raymond Kimble has been defending Phoenix, Arizona residents for twenty years and has a long history of success. Those who have been arrested and charged with various property crimes can look to Mr. Kimble for the experienced legal defense that they need. Mr. Kimble knows how to prepare a solid assault defense, challenge the prosecution's evidence and negotiate a reduction or dismissal of the charges.

Phoenix criminal defense lawyer Raymond Kimble will work to zealously defend your case. Mr. Kimble recognizes that every case is unique and works with his clients to build a strong defense to produce favorable results in court. Raymond Kimble knows that property crimes such as criminal trespass, burglary, arson and criminal damage could result in jail or prison terms, probation, huge fines and restitution to the alleged victim.

With a seasoned criminal defense lawyer on your side, you will have your rights protected as your attorney fights to secure a favorable outcome on your behalf. Attorney Raymond Kimble has successfully represented hundreds of individuals throughout Arizona over the last twenty years who have been charged with burglary, criminal damage, criminal trespass and arson.

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