Super Extreme DUI

The Arizona legislature recently enacted another DUI law which is commonly referred to as “Super” Extreme DUI.  In these type cases, people with alcohol concentrations, by way of breathalyzer of blood testing, above .200 will face jail time, fines and fees over and above those charged with an Extreme DUI or first time DUI offense.

Arizona Revised Statutes § 28-1382(A)(2) states an individual can be charged with  “Super” Extreme DUI if they drive or are in actual physical control (APC) of a motor vehicle with an  alcohol concentration  level of at least .20 within two hours of driving.

Super Extreme DUI in Arizona is a class 1 misdemeanor.  A first offense, Super Extreme DUI will result in a mandatory sentence of at least 45  days jail. Additionally, a first-time Super Extreme DUI offender  faces  all of the following penalties:

• A fine up to $500

• An additional assessment of $250

• Performance of community service or community restitution

• Completion of an approved alcohol or drug education program

• A $1,250 assessment to be deposited in the state prison construction and operations fund,

• A $1,250 assessment to be deposited in the public safety equipment fund

• A driver's license suspension of at least 90 days,

• Mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device for at least one year.

If a person has a prior DUI conviction within the last seven years, the minimum jail time for a Super Extreme DUI rises from 45 days to 180 days.