How to Choose an Attorney for a Criminal Charge

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Facing a Criminal Charge in Arizona?

How do You Choose the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer?

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense in the State of Arizona, you face serious consequences.  Specifically, you can be required to pay significant fines, perform community service, be placed on probation, serve time in jail or alternatively, be sentenced to prison.  Undoubtedly, if you are accused of a criminal offense in Arizona, you should immediately consult with an attorney who focuses his practice on criminal defense.  Moreover, there are a number of items you should keep in mind when choosing to hire an attorney to represent you.

  1. Experience: Perhaps the most important factor in choosing a lawyer to represent you in a criminal case is the attorney's background and experience.  You should not seek to hire the lawyer who quotes you the cheapest price or has just recently graduated from law school and has opened his own firm.  Rather, you are well advised to retain an attorney who  has previously worked as a prosecutor or public defender, has conducted trials and has several years of experience in private practice.  Additionally, although you must consider your own financial situation, you should expect to pay a fee which is commensurate with the attorney's experience and will permit your lawyer to devote necessary time to your case.
  2. Familiarity with Court Where Your Case will be Heard: Another important factor in choosing the right criminal defense lawyer is whether the attorney regularly practices in the Court where your case will be heard.  The justice, city and superior courts throughout Arizona all vary in terms of scheduling, penalties they are likely to impose, etc.  Moreover, each prosecutor's office may have different policies in how certain criminal charges are addressed.  An attorney who is familiar with the judges and prosecutors in the court in which you are scheduled to appear will be best suited to guide you through the process and obtain the most favorable result.
  3. Communication: Often, many clients complain that they are unable to speak directly with their lawyer and have questions which remain unanswered.  Certainly, the prospect of a criminal conviction and potential probation, jail or prison is probably the most stressful event in a person's life.  Consequently, it is vital that communication remain open and continuous.  When consulting with a lawyer regarding representation, you should always ask whether he will be available for questions or updates by e-mail, text or phone calls.
  4. Expect Specific  and Direct Responses: The answers you receive during an initial consultation should be straightforward, clear and concise.  A potential attorney who only answers your questions in general terms may not be as knowledgeable as he or she claims.  Moreover, if an attorney is not able to communicate effectively with his own client, a jury will certainly tune him out during trial.   

You should hire an attorney as soon as possible after being arrested or charged with a crime.  An experienced and qualified criminal defense attorney will immediately begin to review evidence, interview witnesses, research important issues and develop a strategy best suited to get you the most favorable outcome possible.    

Raymond A Kimble is an Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney who has been representing people charged with marijuana offenses, domestic violence, drug offenses, sex crimes, property crimes, violent offenses such as assault and homicide and weapons crimes for nearly twenty years.  Mr. Kimble is a former felony prosecutor and was also a police officer and detective for approximately ten years. 

Raymond Kimble regularly  practices in the superior courts, justice courts and city courts throughout Maricopa and Pinal Counties.  If you have been arrested or are facing a misdemeanor or felony charge, call Raymond Kimble today at (480) 833-8613 for a free consultation.

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Raymond Kimble

About Raymond Kimble Attorney Raymond Kimble has built his law practice on the philosophy that each client deserves consistent individual attention. Ray realizes that being charged with a DUI or criminal offense is one of the most stressful events in a person's life. A DUI, felony or misdemeanor arrest can involve prison or jail time, probation, huge fines and a criminal record. Consequently, people who face DUI, felony or misdemeanor charges in Arizona are placed at risk of losing employment or being barred from future job opportunities. Ray works to lessen his client's anxiety by ensuring that they have direct access to him at all times and can reach him by e-mail, cell phone or text during normal business hours as well as nights or weekends if they have a pressing question or concern. Raymond Kimble is a dedicated DUI and criminal defense lawyer who has built a reputation of working tirelessly to protect his client's constitutional rights, their future and liberty. Ray strives to provide the strongest defense possible for each client despite the obstacles they may face. Put Experience to Work for You Raymond Kimble's twenty years of experience with respect to DUI, misdemeanor and felony criminal charges extends well beyond law school where he graduated within the top ten percent of his class. Ray was a police officer for ten years prior to becoming an attorney. As a police officer, Ray was trained in both DUI and criminal investigation and his personal involvement in criminal cases while a police officer certainly gives him a unique perspective when reviewing police reports, interviewing witnesses and challenging physical evidence. Ray often identifies legal issues or mistakes made by police during an investigation through his own personal experience as a patrol officer. In addition to his police experience, Raymond Kimble worked as a prosecutor with the Maricopa County Attorney's Office where he was responsible for prosecuting DUI, felony and misdemeanor crimes. During his tenure as a prosecutor, Ray conducted a number of jury trials and hearings related to the admissibility of evidence. Through his involvement with these cases as a prosecutor, Ray learned how to properly evaluate the strength and weaknesses of a DUI, misdemeanor or felony charge and became skilled in jury selection, argument, and the direct and cross examination of both civilian witnesses, experts and police officers. Of course, Raymond Kimble's expertise extends beyond his experience as a police officer and prosecutor. Specifically, Ray has successfully represented thousands of people during the last fifteen years throughout Maricopa County, Arizona. To best serve his Clients, Raymond remains current on changes in the law as well as police tactics by regularly attending seminars focused on defending criminal charges and reading the latest articles and books related to DUI and criminal defense. Ray also regularly writes criminal defense blogs and posts so that people faced with a criminal charge are better informed about their rights.


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My favorite part of the article is where you talk about how the answers in the consultation should be straightforward and concise. I would hate to have an attorney that couldn’t answer my questions accurately. Thank you for your tips on choosing the right lawyer.

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