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If you have been charged with a Misdemeanor, or Felony Aggravated DUI in the state of Arizona, you need an experienced and effective DUI attorney to represent you.  Given the harsh penalties imposed by the State of Arizona against people charged with DUI along with all of the technicalities involved in defending a DUI case, you are well advised to contact an attorney who specializes in DUI Law.  Raymond A. Kimble is a former police officer and DUI Prosecutor who has successfully defended thousands of people charged with DUI in Arizona over the last twenty years.

Driving under the influence in the state of Arizona is a serious, criminal offense.  If convicted of a DUI in Arizona, you will face mandatory jail time, alcohol screening and counseling, fines, a license suspension and ignition interlock requirement. The potential jail term for a DUI conviction can range from one day for a “regular” DUI to thirty days for an Extreme DUI, forty-five days for a Super Extreme DUI and prison for a felony or Aggravated DUI.

Raymond A. Kimble specializes in DUI defense and has a working knowledge of all the city, justice and superior courts in Arizona. Through his experience, Mr. Kimble can assess and evaluate your particular situation and provide the best possible defense strategy.  Mr. Kimble is always able to resolve DUI cases with the least amount of jail time, fines, etc.  Mr. Kimble is often able to expose weaknesses in a prosecutor's case which results in a dismissal or reduction of DUI charges and has successfully defended many DUI cases at trial.

Undoubtedly, the potential for a DUI conviction is dependent on the specific facts of your case. That is exactly why you should choose a qualified expert in the field of Arizona DUI law with a proven track record of success in defending DUI cases.  Attorney Raymond Kimble will have a clear understanding of all the circumstances in your case, along with the knowledge and skill to reach the best possible outcome for you. Mr. Kimble will truthfully explain what you are facing while making his expertise and experience available to you in the form of advice, defense and encouragement.

The Law Offices of Raymond A. Kimble represents individuals in: Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale, and other surrounding cities within Maricopa and Pinal County.