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I realize that being arrested and charged with a DUI is one of the most stressful events in a person's life.  Aside from mandatory jail or prison time, a suspension of your drivers license and alcohol counseling, a DUI conviction can result in many other serious consequences.  People charged with, or convicted of DUI in Arizona are at risk of losing jobs, being barred from future employment opportunities, losing state licenses and certificates and having a criminal record.  During the last twenty years, I have represented thousands of people charged with DUI in Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Gilbert and other cities throughout Maricopa and Pinal counties.  My clients can reach me directly by phone, e-mail or text at any time with questions or to talk about their case.  Additionally, all of my education, training and experience as a police officer, detective, and DUI prosecutor  will be utilized to get you the best result possible.   

Here is a Sample of Recent Success in Defending Clients Charged with DUI and Aggravated DUI:   

DUI Charges Completely Dismissed: Client charged with DUI following a motor vehicle accident which occurred while Client was operating a motorcycle. Client was contacted by police at the scene of the accident, investigated and arrested for DUI. A blood test revealed an alcohol concentration of .098.  DUI charges were completely dismissed upon a showing that Client was not at fault in the accident, field tests were not reliable due to his injuries and impairment could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. (State v. B.J.)  


Super Extreme DUI Charges Dismissed: Client charged with a 2nd offense Super Extreme DUI.  Client was involved in an accident, had an alcohol concentration of .270 and faced a mandatory term of six moths jail. Charges against the client were completely dismissed following an evidentiary hearing where the Court found police violated the client's right to speak with a lawyer following her arrest. Client served no jail time, paid no fines and did not lose her drivers license. (State v. K.V.)


Not Guilty at Trial: Client charged with misdemeanor DUI and other traffic offenses.  After extensive discovery, client decided to fight the charges at trial.  Client was completely acquitted of all charges following a jury trial. (State v. A.M.)


DUI Charges Dismissed: Client was charged with misdemeanor DUI in a case where police observed no traffic violations prior to contacting the client.  A motion to suppress evidence was filed in which I argued there was no justification to stop my client.  The Court agreed and suppressed all of the evidence obtained by the police following the motor vehicle stop.  The prosecutor was left with no evidence to support the DUI charge and subsequently dismissed the case against my client. (State v. G.D.)  _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

DUI Charges Reduced to Reckless Driving: Client was charged with misdemeanor DUI. After conducting a full investigation into the facts of the case, including the alleged driving infractions witnessed by arresting officers, the client's performance on the field tests and the results of the client's blood test, the DUI charges were reduced to reckless driving.  By entering a plea to reckless driving, the client avoided jail time, an ignition interlock device, loss of his drivers license and huge fines and fees. (State v. J.H.)

Aggravated DUI Charges Reduced: Client was charged with Aggravated DUI because he was being prosecuted for his third DUI offense within a seven year period.  The client was facing a revocation of his drivers license, a permanent felony conviction and a minimum term of four months in prison.  After thorough investigation and negotiations, the prosecutor agreed to reduce the felony DUI charge to a misdemeanor.   The client served only one day in jail, avoided a license revocation and was able to keep his job. (State v. R.F.)

DUI Reduced to Civil Traffic Violation: Client was charged with DUI and faced jail, a suspended drivers license, ignition interlock device and fines.  After evaluating the entire case and meeting with the prosecutor, the charges were reduced to a civil traffic violation.  The client was only required to pay a small fine. (State v. A.J.)


Not Guilty Following Jury Trial:  Client was charged with a 2nd offense DUI because he was facing his second DUI charge within a seven year period.  Client was facing a minimum of thirty days jail, revocation of his drivers license and over ten thousand dollars in fines and fees.  Client was found not guilty by a jury following trial. (State v. I.B.)


DUI Charges Dismissed: Client was charged with misdemeanor DUI and criminal speeding.  After a careful review of all evidence, issues were presented to the prosecutor which caused the strength of the State's case to be questioned.  As a result, all charges were completely dismissed. (State v. F.C.)


Complete Dismissal of DUI Charges: Client was charged with a second offense misdemeanor DUI and was facing a minimum thirty days jail as well as other penalties, fines and fees.  Investigation revealed evidentiary issues concerning the arresting officer and the prosecutor's main witness.  As a result, all charges were completely dismissed. (State v. A.L.)


Not Guilty of Super Extreme DUI: Client was charged with Super Extreme DUI and faced 45 days in jail after being stopped by police and having a blood test result above .250.  After extensive pre-trial discovery, case was tried to a jury and Client was found guilty of a regular DUI offense.  Client served only one day in jail. (State v. M.K.)


DUI Charges Dismissed: Client charged with misdemeanor DUI.  After analyzing all parts of the prosecutor's case, a plea was negotiated whereby the DUI charge were dismissed and the client pled guilty to a civil traffic violation.  Client avoided jail time, a license suspension and the ignition interlock device.(State v. M.L.)


Drug DUI Charges Dismissed: Client was charged withdrawing under the influence of drugs after being contacted by police.  Client was passed out in his vehicle while parked in the middle of the street.  DUI drug charges were completely dismissed and the client was found guilty of a mere civil traffic violation.  Client was only required to pay a small fine. (State v. D.F.)


DUI Drug Charges Reduced to Reckless Driving: Client was charged with driving under the influence of drugs and driving with drugs in her system.  Client was involved in an accident while speeding and struck another vehicle from behind.  Client was determined to have methamphetamine in her system.  After discovering a right to counsel violation, a plea was negotiated whereby the DUI charges were reduced to reckless driving.  Client was required to pay a fine but did not serve any jail time or lose her license. (State v. L.C.)


Extreme DUI Charges Dismissed: Client was charged with Extreme DUI after being observed driving erratically on Mill Avenue in Tempe and having an alcohol concentration of .194.  Client faced a minimum of thirty days jail.  Client ultimately pled guilty to driving while impaired and served only one day in jail. (State v. D.A.)


DUI Charges Reduced to Reckless Driving: Client charged with misdemeanor DUI and faced mandatory jail, fines, alcohol classes and the required interlock device.  After thorough negotiations with the county attorney, the DUI charges were dismissed  in exchange for a plea to reckless driving. (State.v. K.A.)


DUI Charges Reduced:  Client was stopped by police for several driving infractions. A DUI investigation ensued, Client was arrested and charged with being impaired by both alcohol and drugs.  Client faced jail time, fines and a one year revocation of his drivers license.  The DUI charges were ultimately dismissed in exchange for a plea to Reckless Driving and Client was only required to pay a fine and perform community service. (State v. S.S.) 


DUI Charges Dismissed: Client was stopped for making an improper left turn when police noticed signs of alcohol impairment and initiated a DUI investigation.  Client was ultimately arrested and charged with DUI. Client is an independent contractor and faced the loss of his livelihood if convicted of DUI. After a complete investigation into the case, numerous factual and legal issues were brought to the prosecutor's attention which led to a complete dismissal of the DUI charges. (State v. M.A.)

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If you, a family member or friend has been arrested for a misdemeanor DUI offense in Arizona, it is important that you immediately begin working with a qualified DUI attorney who can effectively represent you in the court of law and take necessary steps to protect your driver's license. Attorney Raymond Kimble has successfully defended clients over the last twenty years who had faced mandatory jail or prison terms, loss of their drivers license and huge fines.  Mr. Kimble is available can be reached directly during evenings and weekends for consultation or to answer any questions you might have. 

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Raymond A. Kimble is a former police officer and felony prosecutor who has twenty years experience defending people accused of DUI and other criminal offenses throughout Arizona. Mr. Kimble represents clients seeking experienced and aggressive representation to help them fight the charges they face. For more information, contact The Law Office of Raymond A. Kimble today.